Top Chef Season 3 Finale Part 2

I really liked the final episode, but I really hated the live intermissions. Yes, it was nice that the contestants got to have family and friends there, but still. Waiting this long seems cruel to them, and gimmicky to me. Bravo, do not condescend to me.

Loved the celebrity sous-chefs. Todd English looks even more suspiciously even-featured than Rocco DiSprito, though Rocco looked awfully cute, I thought. Wished they’d brought back Tre and Lia; best of luck to you two. You went before your time, I thought. All the eliminated chefs seemed to do a good job of backing up their Exec. I felt very bad for Casey. The editors highlighted her trouble with the altitude, showing her gasping a few times. And the fact that the only dish they liked of hers was actually executed by Howie had to be a tough blow. But that emphasizes what was so exciting about both the series and the finale–as in any creative endeavor, a combination of inspiration and good fortune can trump technical skill.

I think Hung deserved to win. Two excellent dishes and two good ones is an impressive feat. And while the judges belittled his molten chocolate cake, he was the only contestant this season to be able to pull off a better-than-OK dessert.

I was thrilled by Dale’s strong finish, and hope he’s not out of the chef business much longer.

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