When Bad Things Happen to Good Cakes

I burned myself out baking, constructing and decorating a dinosaur cake for Drake’s fifth birthday. So for his preschool celebration I ordered a cake–white cake, white frosting with pink balloons and writing that said simply, “Drake is 5″.

Not only were the bakery women and customers really sweet to Drake when we picked up the cake, but not one piece was left after preschool. So there’s no need to notify Cake Wrecks, the hilarious site documenting ill-conceived or poorly executed cakes. (Link from ALoTT5MA)

One Response to “When Bad Things Happen to Good Cakes”

  1. Sydney Says:

    OMG that link to Cake Wrecks is so funny! I must have spent an hour hooting with laughter over the cakes and the captions!