Have Bike. Am Hungry. Will Travel.

As I wrote before, I thought once my younger son started kindergarten, I’d spend the time writing and keeping house. This hasn’t happened. Instead I’ve been biking and eating.

I had every intention of staying in today and doing Useful Things. Then I saw a photo my friend Amy shared on Facebook of duck soup. The sun was shining. My bike’s tires were filled with air. It was time to go.

Ten-plus miles later, I got the second to last bowl of rich broth filled with squiggly noodles, bok choy, broccoli, a poached eggs, and local duck. I sat in the sun and slurped it down.

Chef Shack Duck Soup

Where I Went and What I Ate: St. Paul (about 10.5 miles each way.) Duck soup from Chef Shack food truck. $10.

Tomorrow’s weather icon looks like this:


Tomorrow I’ll stay in.


One Response to “Have Bike. Am Hungry. Will Travel.”

  1. Amy Says:

    I have to say, you’re doing it right. In January, are you going to look back on yesterday and think, dang, I should have stayed home that day and dusted? No, you’re going to say, I did the completely right thing that sunny day, by biking and having duck soup.