“The Unwritten v. 7: The Wound” by Peter Gross and Mike Carey


Yay! I thought when I got the weekly pile at the comic shop and it included the 7th graphic novel collection of Peter Gross and Mike Carey’s comic-book series The Unwritten: The Wound, about a Harry Potter-like guy who finds that truth and fiction have a very complicated relationship. The problem with these six-issue collections, though, is that this bunch of 6 issues didn’t tell a complete story. It doesn’t stand alone, and merely leaves me hoping that closure comes in volume 8. So, you should absolutely be reading The Unwritten, as it’s one of the best current series out there. But v7 didn’t satisfy on its own.

Also recommended? Brian K Vaughan’s Saga. I buy that one monthly; can’t wait for the collections.

2 Responses to ““The Unwritten v. 7: The Wound” by Peter Gross and Mike Carey”

  1. Kate Says:

    So Sepinwall recommended Saga–I put it on my Goodreads list and another friend said I would like it. So here you are mentioning it–I think this means I should spend the $5 or so and order the first collection.

  2. girldetective Says:

    Kate, yes you should! Melissa at Mental Multivitamin is reading Saga too. I had issues with Brian K Vaughan’s Y the Last Man and Ex Machina, but much of it was with the static art, and this art is fun, and well suited to the crazy story.