Facebook Fantasy

Does anyone else wish for extra categories? Here are ones I’d like:

Mild Acquaintace
I Hardly Knew Ye
Former Enemy, Now on Probation

6 Responses to “Facebook Fantasy”

  1. Bky Says:

    Brilliant! Sign me up.

  2. Queenie Says:

    oh god. which one am i?

  3. Kate Says:

    Person I Have Never Actually Met. ;)

  4. carolyn Says:

    Ha! Those are awesome

  5. Becca Says:

    How about, “I Hated You in High School - Why Would Now Be Any Different?” (Likewise, “You Hated Me…”)

  6. girldetective Says:

    Um, Queenie, you and the other four commenters are all actual friends of mine, needing no extra category. But I think we’ve got some good candidates.

    I had a request once from a guy I would categorize as “it took me a week after someone reminded me who you were to remember you, and I didn’t much like you anyway.” and I’ve had a few that fall under Kate’s suggestion.

    I got a friend request from a guy who bullied and intimidated me in middle school. Hadn’t heard from him since. The friend request came with no note. I replied and asked what he was thinking. He said he recalled I’d been friends with his sister and he remembered my name. I blocked him.

    More and more, I’m suspecting this is all a nefarious plot to waste all our time.