With Halloween, Came Enlightenment

I’m not sure how I missed this, but I suspect it’s because I stay at home with my kids and no longer work in an office, where sugar fixes are SOP, but my new favorite candy is Hershey’s Take 5. The five elements are peanuts, peanut butter, milk chocolate, pretzels and caramel. Four of the elements: ho hum, been there. But pretzels in a candy bar? Bravo! I deliberately held back a few from those that we gave out, and I was very happy when Drake put some into his pile for the Sugar Sprite. Now if only they would make it in dark chocolate rather than milk.

Sugar Sprite update: Drake asked for candy the two days after Halloween, and has now forgotten about it. The remaining four pieces languish in the pantry, awaiting active duty as bribes.

Speaking of pretzels, I think Chubby Hubby is good, not great. Instead, I take Sonny’s Vanilla Bean ice cream, top it with crushed pretzels, and drizzle with Wild Country maple syrup.

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